City images between identity and modernity

Citygraphy presents the reader with an extensive selection of the image material from a range of collections depicting various cities. This material was the very incentive to set up the research project. The images are intriguing in that they are both predictable and diverse. These collections were established for the purposes of restoration and nostalgia, but have very much become a cultural heritage in their own right. They should be studied and treated as art objects – albeit it of a very complex nature.

Antonio Basoli | Santo Stefano gate, Bologna E. Corty | Bologna | Library Dirk Lauwaert Bartholomeus Fabronius | Bruges | Brugge Steinmetz Kabinet Napoléon Cornand | Begijnhofbrug, Bruges | Brugge Tolhuis Photographer anon | Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges | Boeverbos, Bruges Photographer anon | Kruispoort, Bruges | Brugge Stadsarchief Photographer anon | Pond at gate True, Maastricht | Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Photographer anon | Panorama, Maastricht | Caption <em>Beleg en Verovering der Sterke Stat Maastricht, door den Koning van Vrankryk, den 1 July 1673</em>|  Gallerie Wittert, University of Liège Alexander Schaepkens | Maastricht | Liège | University of Liège, Gallery Wittert Photographer anon | Maastricht | Maastricht Stadsarchief Carlo Bertinazzi | Side view of the Cassa di Risparmio, Bologna | Cineteca di Bologna Carlo Bertinazzi | Casa Ghillini, Bologna | Cineteca di Bologna